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Seeing What We Can Learn From The Ben Hogan Golf Swing

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The Ben Hogan golf swing is timeless and studying it can help make us better golfers.  Ben Hogan was considered to be one of the best ball strikers to have ever played the game of golf.  This can be backed up by the nine major championships that he won throughout his career.  He is one of only five golfers to win all of the four major championships which are The Masters Tournament,  U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship.

Ben Hogan was a true professional who shaped the game of golf into what it is today.  He practiced more than any other golfer in his time or anyone before his time.    He believed that one could master the golf swing with simple repetition and practice.  Well, he proved that he was right.

The secret sauce to the Ben Hogan Golf swing can be found at the top of his backswing.  Ben liked to cup his wrist at this point and he used a weak grip with his left hand.  For those who are not familiar with a weak grip, it is when you place the thumb closer to the top of the grip rather than on the right side.

Positioning his hands this way significantly reduced Ben’s chances of hooking the ball on his drives.  In fact, it created a bit of a fade moving the ball left to right in the air.  Ben Hogan passed away on July 25th 1997 at the age of 84.  It has been several years since his death and many golf instructors and professionals still study Ben Hogan’s swing to this day in the search for the perfect golf swing.  Below are pictures that were taken of Ben Hogan’s golf swing sequence.

Ben Hogan Golf Swing


Here is some video footage of Ben Hogan and his legendary golf swing.

Who better to teach us about his swing than the man himself?  Here is one of the few videos where Ben Hogan talks about how to improve your golf swing.


Video 2: A compilation of Ben Hogan’s golf game over the years


Ben Hogan was born in Stephenville, Texas on August 13th 1912 to Clara Hogan.  He had two older brothers.  Ben’s golfing career began at the age of 11 when he picked up a job as a caddy at the nearby Glen Garden Country Club.  An interesting thing to point out was that one of the other caddies that worked at the country club with him was Bryon Nelson who would later become a professional golfer as well and have a good rivalry with Ben on tour.

The final semester of his senior year of high school Ben Hogan decided to drop out of school and join the professional golf league.  His first tournament was the Texas Open that was held in San Antonio.  The beginning of Hogan’s golf career did not prove to be very fruitful.  He was not making enough money to make ends meet and often had to take jobs as the local pro at golf courses.  It took about a decade before he would get his first tour win.

Ben Hogan would later go on to be the best golfer of his time.  His competitive spirit, discipline, and unwaivering will intimidated most of his opponents.  Hogan mostly kept to himself and rarely spoke while he was competing.  Hogan believed that a consistent golf swing could be traced back to just a few important factors that when a person conducts them in perfect sequence anyone can develop a perfect golf swing.  Ben wrote a book titled “Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf” which is probably the most popular golf book ever written.


For more information on how you can develop a consistent golf swing, I recommend that you check out

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Rory McIlroy Golf Swing Analysis In Slow Motion Step By Step

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Rory McIlroy has quickly become a rising star on the PGA tour.  As of the writing of this article, he is currently the number one golfer in the world.  So it would be easy to conclude that the Rory McIlroy golf swing is perhaps the best on the PGA tour.

Here is a slow motion break down of the Rory McIlroy golf swing:

What impresses me the most about Rory’s golf swing that he is able to consistently hit the ball 300+ yards on a somewhat small frame.  Rory McIlroy is 5’9 and weighs 161 pounds which isn’t considered “big” by any means.  He is able to use perfect golf mechanics to create a lot of club head speed and launch the ball off the tee box.

A Little Background Information About the Rory McIlroy Golf Swing

Rory McIlroy was born what seems like not too long ago on May 4th, 1989 in Northern Ireland.  His parents, Gerry and Rosie McIlroy, had a club in Rory’s hand at the young age of two.  Even at this very young age he was showing great potential and hitting the ball more than 40 yards with his driver.  Pretty impressive.

Rory’s father Gerry was a very good golfer as well and was the one who taught Rory the proper way to hold a club and hit the ball.  Rory practiced regularly at the Holywood Golf Club in his hometown.  His first big victory came when he won the 9 and 10 age group at the Golf World Championships that was held in Miami, Florida.

In 2004 at the age of 15, Rory and his fellow teammates won the Junior Ryder Cup.  He then went on to become the youngest player to ever win both the West of Ireland Championship and the Irish Close Championship.

Rory McIlroy got his professional PGA tour card on September 18th, 2007.  He played most of the tournaments on the European tour and finished 2008 with six top ten finishes and ranked 79th in the world overall.  Not a bad start to his career : )


A Slow Motion Breakdown of Rory McIlroy’s Swing


Here is one with an iron…



It’s obvious that Rory McIlroy has a phenomenal golf swing and excellent biomechanics.  Does this mean the average golfer should try to copy his exact movements?  Well, that answer is….No.

Let’s face it, the average golfer is never going to hit the ball like Rory.  What I focus on and what 90% of the golfers need to implement is a swing that is simplified and can produce consistent and predictable results.  There is a lot going on in a professional golfers swing.  What an amature golfer should focus on is SIMPLIFYING the golf swing.

That is exactly what The Simple Golf Swing does.  It breaks down the golf swing into sections and gets rid of any unnecessary movements that can cause inconsistencies.  One of the most important parts of the golf swing is how you set up and prepare for the golf shot.  This is your first starting point.

I am actually giving this first section away for FREE on this site.  Simply fill in your email address on the right side of this page and I will send it out to you instantly.  In this free chapter you will quickly see how well The Simple Golf Swing explains what you need to do and why.

Check out The Simple Golf Swing today because the Rory McIlroy golf swing is pretty but it is not the right route for the average golfer.  The Simple Golf Swing will help you cut 7 strokes from your game within two weeks.  We guarantee it!


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The Beginner Golf Swing Should Be Simple And Easy To Perform

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If you are just starting out in golf, the key to becoming a consistent golfer is to find a system that SIMPLIFIES the beginner golf swing.  You need a swing that can be broken down into simple steps and you need to know exactly why you are performing these steps as well.

For instance if you hit a shot and it hooks into the water, it is important to know exactly what you did wrong so you can correct it for the next shot.  This is the number one reason that most beginning golfers struggle with getting better.  They may hit a good shot every once in a while but they do not have a system to follow to explain why they just hit that shot well.

This is exactly what The Simple Golf Swing will do for you and it is why I highly recommend it for the beginning golfer and any golfer who is not breaking 80 consistently (which is 90% of the golfers out there).  One area that The Simple Golf Swing focuses on is eliminating any unnecessary movement throughout the golf swing.

Much like an accountant when he performs a cost / benefit analysis to cut any company costs that are not instantly beneficial to the company.  The Simple Golf Swing cuts out any extra movements that do not give a large improvement in distance and accuracy.

Trying to break down a golf swing is not an easy task.  There are many areas throughout the swing that can cause a bad shot such as lifting your head, moving your hips laterally, getting your body in front of your hands, dropping your back shoulder, raising your front shoulder,  and on and on…

One area that The Simple Golf Swing simplifies the beginner golf swing is eliminating the wrist cock at the top of the swing.  Now if you are playing on the PGA tour, you definitely need to use the wrist cock at the top of your swing.  PGA players need all the distance they can get and a good wrist cock can improve their drive anywhere from 20 fo 40 yards.

However, a beginning golfer or someone who is inconsistent and can not break 80 does not need to use this.  More often than not the wrist cock will make the average golfer inconsistent with his swing.  You can consistently hit the ball 250 yards down the middle of the fairway without using the wrist cock and consistency is what you need to break 80.

Other specific areas that The Simple Golf Swing cuts out of the swing is unnecessary lower body movements such as extra hip movements.  What is does is help you to make the correct lower body movements so they occur naturally without you having to think about each step.

As I said before, when it comes down to it, simplicity is the key to the beginner golf swing and improving your game.  I am giving away the first chapter to The Simple Golf Swing here on my website.  Simply enter your email address in the box on the right hand side of this page and it will come to you right away.

Shoot’em Straight and Score Well : )


Click the images below to see The Simple Golf Swing in action!

Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score

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How To Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots

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If you struggle with hitting fat golf shots, the solution for your problem is fairly simple.  The problem lies with your back shoulder dipping down during your swing.  This dipping motion causes the club to come down early and hit behind the ball instead of flush with it.  Oftentimes, this occurs when a golfer is trying to hit the ball really hard to get some extra yards.

Let’s say you are 210 yards from the pin and the club you have decided to use is a 3 iron.  For most people this is a really far shot with this club so they are thinking they really have to swing hard and hit the ball well to cover the distance.  Well when we do this the body naturally tries to begin the downswing by using the hips.  This is a great strategy if you are playing baseball but unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well on the golf course.

Let’s break down this process if we try to do this with our golf swing.  Alright, grab a club, swing it back and hold it at the peak of your backswing.   Next, move your hips towards your intended target.  You should begin to feel you back shoulder dropping down a little and this drop is what is causing you to hit the golf ball fat.  I will repeat that, 95% of the time a dipping shoulder is the reason for hitting fat golf shots. 

On the rare occasion that you swing hard, dip your shoulder and still hit the ball solid, more than likely you are going to encounter a nasty slice.  On a side note, if slicing the ball is your main problem, I have covered that problem on this page How To Fix A Golf Slice.

Most problem areas with your golf swing can be avoided by using the techinques in The Simple Golf System.  Like the name says, it simplifies your golf swing and breaks it down into different parts.  This is good because you can easily identify what went wrong if you hit a bad shot and then correct the problem on your next swing.  Let’s go back to our example, we are 210 yards from the pin and we need to reach it with a 3 iron.  So how do we get the extra distance we need?

We need to begin our downswing by using our arms and not our hips.  The more still we can keep out hips the better.  Don’t worry about shifting your weight because that will happen naturally if you start the swing with your arms.

At the peak of your swing try to maintain your arm closest to the target as straight as you can.  Once you begin the downward motion, your arm should be fully extended, with your head and hips as still as possible.   Remember, practice makes perfect.  Implement these tips into your golf game and you will stop hitting those fat golf shots and lower your overall score.

Til next time,



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Here Is An Easy Way To Fix A Golf Slice

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This quick tip could eliminate that problematic golf slice.  The good news is that this tip is easy after you get used to it and know exactly why we are doing what we do.  The method to fix a golf slice is simple but not so simple to explain but let’s give it a try.

More than likely you have struggled with slicing the ball more than once in your golfing career.  To be honest, slicing the ball can ruin your game and take a lot of the fun out of playing.  However, fixing a golf slice is not very tough.  Now I’m not going to promise that this tip will have you hitting every shot down the middle, but maybe it will.  : )

Whenever you make contact with the ball,  there are only two things that effect the path the ball decides to take.  These two factors are:

A) The angle of the face of the club as you are making contact

B) The swing path of your club as you are making contact

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this, but it can be a little difficult to explain the exact steps to take in order to fix a golf slice and not make this blog post a novel.  There are a couple areas that you really need to focus on.

One important area you should concentrate on  is making sure you do not lift your leading shoulder when you are making contact with the ball.  Oftentimes, right handed golfers who slice the ball will lift their left shoulder right before making contact.  Just take a second and think about what that will do to the ball flight.  In order to improve your golf game it is important that you analyze each shot that you make.  You need to understand WHY you just got the result you got.  Did you just hit a great shot?  Awesome, but WHY?  Did you just shank the ball into the woods?  That stinks, but WHY did that happen?

Golf is all about physics and realizing this will pay off big time if you are willing to take a step back and figure out what you did right and what you did wrong.  Ok, it’s time for a little exercise.  Stand up, grab a club and perform your golf swing slowly.  Now as you prepare to make contact with the ball, lift your leading shoulder up.  If you do this, you should see the face of the club take an outside-in swing plane.  This outside-in swing plane will make you slice the ball every time.

Ok, so we have a bad outside-in swing plane.  How do we fix this?  The number one thing you should focus on is keeping your shoulder down and your eye on the ball throughout the entire swing, especially at the point of contact.  It is important to continue to keep your shoulder down even after you have struck the ball and it is heading down the fairway.  The photo below should help give you a better understanding of what I mean.

how to fix a golf slice

In the photo there are two things you need to notice.  My leading shoulder continues to be down and there is still a triangle.  Another very important point is that my hands are IN FRONT of my body.  In order to stay down on the ball  your leading shoulder and chest must still face the golf ball all the way through the contact point.

Picture a baseball diamond as you are making contact.  Your leading shoulder must be facing second base though impact and not pointing towards third base which would cause that nasty slice.  If you have not implemented The Simple Golf Swing method and are still using a conventional swing oftentimes these golfers let their bodies get ahead of their hands.  Using the techniques that we show you in The Simple Golf Swing will help you avoid these problems.  It walks you step by step on how to keep your shoulder down and release your hands at the contact point which will make the ball carry more distance and fly higher.

It takes a little practice and won’t come overnight but the results are well worth it.  Ok, so we know to keep our leading shoulder down and to relax our hands through the point of contact.  One other easy solution is to start the downswing with your arms.  More than likely this goes against everything that people have been telling you in the past.  Using your arms to begin your downswing is not always easy to remember.  Golfers want to hit the ball as far as they possibly can.  Without knowing it they let their body get in front of  their hands which is why the golf slice is the most common problem new golfers face.

Fixing a golf slice can sometimes seem difficult because when a golfer is in the peak of his backswing the number one thing he is thinking is “Man I just want to crush the ball”.  Instead of trying to maximize your distance, try to focus in minimizing your slice.  Reducing your slice will add the extra yards you were wanting with that hard swing.  Once you are at the peak of your backswing, the first move you make should be with your arms.  Combining this with the tips I gave you on keeping your leading shoulder down will make a huge difference no matter if you are on the tee with your 1 wood or hitting your 5 iron in the fairway.  These strategies are all you need to fix a golf slice, shoot lower scores and impress your friends.




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